About the Author

My Books

My journey started 8 years ago.  God impressed me to start writing my story about my struggles along with my blessings and today's least talked about topics.  My theme for all of my future books evolves around healthy living, to include maintaining an emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

My Community

I've always had a big heart for my community.  I say and will continue to say, if you change the diet, the mind will follow.  I hold true to the saying,   ''if I can help better serve my fellow brother or sister, I will do the best I can".  


Meet Teshawn

Years of Experience

I've had 18 years of experimenting with various vegetarian cuisines.  I'm a self taught baker and enjoy every moment of transforming the health and lifestyle of my community.

How long I've been on my healthy journey!

My healthy journey has been a rewarding lifestyle for me.  I can vouch for the exponential benefits it has to offer.  Specifically during all of my pregnancies.  Yes, I've gained weight during pregnancy but after giving birth, and maintaining the vegetarian lifestyle, I've lost the baby weight, gained a clearer mind and have enjoyed the process of the post pardom symptoms with little to no affect.  A game changer for me was when my husband and I went on a 40 day juice fast without a meal just to set another tone mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually  and let me tell you, have your heard of the product, "It Works"?  Well guess what?  IT WORKED!  My eye sight had gotten better, hair grew longer, skin got clearer and most importantly my mindset for my niche in creating healthier foods totally blew me away.  It seemed every recipe I laid eyes on that was meant for a non-vegetarian, I was able to automatically swap any and every ingredient needed to make it work for me.  This journey in and of itself is mind blowing!  I always try to practice what I preach and trust me, it is well worth the sacrifice of living.  There is no excuse as to why our health should not be in the best shape.  I say to the person struggling with healthy options and wanting to make a change in order to live...WHY not?  There are too many alternatives to replace dairy, eggs and meat to not make a change.  I heard a person once say, "be good to your body and your body will be good to you" I agree with this saying.  You can't make this world a better place and live a prosperous life sick.      


I am inspired by all the healthy options that are being manufactured everyday to make a better lifestyle change for me and my family.  If what I eat will help me feel better and live longer, I'm all in.  The daily question I ask myself often when creating entrees, or choosing the correct food options when grocery shopping is, "How is this food going to better me.  How will it affect my body and mind.  Will this give me energy or cause me to feel lethargic.  After I rehearse these questions in mind.  It's a no brainer.  I struggle through buying that donut and simply say to myself, "You can always go home and MAKE a healthier donut".  My inspiration is that God has gifted me with a gift to modify any meat recipe and make it meatless.